Great Care of Quails

Quail is the interesting bird to be taking care of. It is a kind of bird that often is found in any places. Quails also have nice looking at all. They have good great use. These kinds of bird are the bird that is very active. He can fly very good and so lively. You can let them out from your house and let them in run, but you have to  watch them carefully because if you are not be careful with observing them, they will fly and never come back again and you can catch then. You have to limit their access to get out from their cages. This bird is very funny and interesting, they always feel comfortable in harsh weather, and they do not like cold weather because they do not have the immune to keep them form the weather.

There are some considerations that you have to do in keeping the quails; you have to check the lice of the quails. You can observe the skin under the wings, because it is very dangerous. It can make them loose their feathers and their weight. If you want to raising quails healthy, you must have check it carefully. This lice and mite also drop the production of the eggs.

You have to keep the quail with similar size to avoid pecking because the pecking will make them loose their feather or died. They might not be stress because it also will lead them to peck each other. Leave the new bird in different place to guarantee them do not bring any diseases. Do not forget to consult to the veterinarian to keep on their growth.